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About Straight From The Cow 

Three generations of the Richardson family have farmed at Carpenters Hill Farm in Beoley. We are currently a mixed livestock farm, using traditional methods and ensuring high welfare for all of our animals. 
Our farmland is managed in a sustainable, ecologically sympathetic manner. We use nature to enrich our soil, planting mixed clover and encouraging wildflowers to flourish. This provides a delicious diet for our cattle and ensures the sustainability of our produce. 
We are Farmers because we love animals and their wellbeing comes before everything else. We allow our free-range cows to graze natural grass leys that are absent from chemicals. During the summer we harvest the surplus grass to provide high quality silage and hay during the winter months. We know our animals as individuals and know they thrive with the care we provide. 
We also have our own pigs, and rather than breeding our own we rear large white, landrace and pietrain pigs. They are kept in high welfare conditions with their own toys such as balls to help keep them stimulated. They are reared in small groups of around 6 to prevent any bullying or fighting within the groups. 
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