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Frequently asked questions: 

Is our farm organic? 

Most importantly we do not use hormones or routine antibiotics in our herd and we also avoid using pesticides and herbicides on grass where the cows graze. We use natural methods to fertilise our grazing land by using white and red clover in the grass to increase nitrate levels and encourages bees and insects and obviously our own manure helps to encourage a healthy growth of grass. 

Is your farm ethical? 

Our animals are housed during the wet winter months owing to very wet clay soils and a lack of fresh grass to eat. They have access to large open yards with fresh straw to lie on every day and an outdoor area to eat silage and hay (harvested grass). As soon as the land is dry enough in the spring the cows will go out into the fields. Usually they are free range for at least 6 months of the year. 
We also allow our cows to rear their own calves and during the first few vital months of their lives the calves will follow their mothers. We only take the surplus milk that the calf does not require. This ensures healthy, better developed calves and less disease risks. 

Are your cows pasture fed? 

In the summer we harvest the grass from our fields and store it in a large concrete pit. This grass then ferments and creates a product called silage. We do not use any chemicals or additives on our silage, just fresh grass. 

How long does raw milk keep for? 

If the milk is kept cold some customers have found it can last five days. However, if you want to buy enough milk to last you for a week, or even longer, then you can always freeze the milk. We sell our milk in 2 and 4 pint plastic bottles which can be frozen. 

Where can I get your milk from? 

We also attend Moseley Farmers Market on St Mary’s Row 9am-2pm on the last Saturday of each month. 
Through our website. Our products can be ordered via our online shop and will be dispatched to you as soon as possible. We use a 24 hour courier to deliver your products to you in a wool lined box with ice packs. 

Is raw milk legal? 

We are registered with the FSA and they regularly visit the farm to inspect the milking procedures and test the milk for any dangerous bacteria. As long as the inspectors are happy with the milking operations and that the milk tests negatively we are able to sell milk directly from our farm and at farmers markets. 

Does raw milk taste different? 

The milk is sold in its raw form, no heat treatment (pasteurisation) or breaking up of the fat globules (homogenisation). All we do on the farm is filter and rapidly cool the milk. Therefore the milk has a creamier and richer taste. 

Can I bring my children to the farm? 

We do not offer any activities on our farm such as the feeding or petting of animals. Children are welcome to look at the animals next to the shop but must be supervised at all times by their parents. We do not take any responsibility should any accidents happen to you, your children or belongings.  
We do ask that any pets remain in your vehicle at all times. The farm is not open to customers to walk around, please do not venture off around the farm without first speaking to someone in the shop who will tell you where is safe for you to go. 
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