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Meat at Carpenters Hill Farm 



We have a small herd Hereford Suckler cows which produce and rear their own calves. These cattle graze the hills on our farm throughout the summer. It’s important that these calves stay with their mothers suckling their nutritious milk. 
The beef we produce for sale is extensively farmed and from our Hereford cross limousin cattle. We only select the best heifers we produce to be sold through our shop so that we can ensure high quality meat which is hung for a minimum of 21 days. 
Our beef is cut and packaged by the butchers at Long Compton, a family owned abattoir where minimising stress to any animal is imperative. Long Compton are a non halal abattoir. 

Our Beef products 

Fillet steaks 
Braising steak 
Diced beef 
Sirloin steaks 
Topside roasting joint 
Minced beef 
Rump steaks 
Silverside roasting joint 
Beef burgers 
Minute steaks 
Brisket roasting joint 

Pork and Gammon 

We produce a range of pork products from our high welfare pigs. The pigs have fresh straw beds daily and we offer them enrichment toys, such as balls, to stimulate and entertain them. Our pigs are kept in small groups to ensure they are in a safe and secure environment. Our gammon is dry cured using salt rubs and I sliced and packed. 

Our Pork and Gammon products 

Boned & rolled leg roasting joint 
Pork tenderloin 
Minced pork 
Boned & rolled shoulder roasting joint 
Spare rib racks 
Pork leg steaks 
Pork leg steaks 
Pork chops 
Diced shoulder 


Our butchers produce a range of flavoured sausages using prime cuts of shoulder pork. Our sausages have a high meat content and are handmade using high quality ingredients. 

Sausage products 

Traditional pork sausages 
Black pudding flavour sausages 
Cumberland sausages 
Pork and chive sausages 
Lincolnshire sausages 
Pork and leek sausages 
Pork and apple sausages 
Pork and apple burgers 


We source high welfare lamb from a neighbouring farm that produces high quality lamb that is freely roaming grass land on a Warwickshire estate. Lamb is a seasonal product and therefore not available all year round as we only sell spring lamb, as this is when the meat is most tender and flavoursome. 

Our Lamb products 

½ a leg of lamb – on the bone 
Diced lamb 
½ shoulder of lamb – on the bone 
Minced lamb 
Loin/rack of lamb 
Lamb chops 
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