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Raw milk 

Our small herd of 30 Montbéliarde, Friesian and Ayreshire cows have access to fresh grass or silage all year round. During the summer they can roam the fields grazing fresh grass and during the winter are fed silage and hay harvested during the summer months. The milk they produce is high in butterfat and protein and by being raw contains friendly bacteria for good gut health. 
We also produce raw cream and raw butter on the farm from surplus raw milk along with live natural yoghurt, mango drinking yoghurt and a variety of flavoured ice creams. A local cheese maker also produces a raw cheddar cheese using our milk which is available to purchase in our farm shop. 

Dairy Products 

Raw milk – 2 pint bottle 
Raw cream – 200g tub of extra thick cream 
Raw butter – 250g salted and unsalted fresh butter 
Live natural yoghurt – 480g of natural yoghurt 
Mango drinking yoghurt – 500ml of live mango yoghurt drink 
*This milk has not been heat treated and may contain organisms harmful to health.

About Raw Milk 

We are delighted that you are looking to buy raw milk from us. We know just how good raw milk can be for a wide range dietary and health issues and below are some useful links to relevant topics. 

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Health Benefits of Raw Milk 

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Safety Regulations 

Advice on drinking raw milk and the safety regulations 
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